As an Individual
Everyone can become a Dementia Friend

We all play a role in making a better place for the people living with dementia.Simply register as a Dementia Friend, learn more about the 5 key messages of Dementia Friends, and willing to care and support people living with dementia and their families.


How to register:

1) Click here to register and watch an educational video;

2) Attend an Information Session hosted by a Dementia  Friends Ambassador.


After becoming Dementia Friends, we hope you will turn your understanding into action.

Here are some examples:

- Tell others what dementia is and correct their misconceptions

- Pay attention to the brain health of your senior relatives, neighbours and friends, and raise their   awareness of it

- Pay attention to people with suspected dementia around you and see if they need help

- Wear your badge and encourage others to be Dementia Friends

- Login to the Dementia Friends HK website, explore and share your dementia-friendly act


Dementia friendly acts are spontaneous. Be they big or small, frequent or not, they won’t take you much time but will be welcomed anytime, anywhere.


The impact of every small act goes beyond imagination!


Share your dementia friendly acts with us by logging in to this website*, and send us your dementia friendly acts. We shall post your acts in the page Dementia-Friendly Acts, and let others know more different kinds of acts they can do.


Please act now!


* you can get a password via email to log in to the website after you register to be a Dementia Friend.


Dementia Friends Ambassador

After you become Dementia Friends, you can join the Dementia Friends Workshop held by HKADA. Dementia Friends Ambassadors can invite more people to join as Dementia Friends by organising Dementia Friends Information Sessions on their own or in pairs with HKADA’s colleagues.


Dementia Friends Information Session

The information session is held by Dementia Friends Ambassador. It is not is not a kind of training. Participants will learn more about the 5 key messages of Dementia Friends through a 60 to 90-minute session of activities and discussions:

(1) Dementia is not a natural part of ageing.
(2) Dementia is caused by diseases of the brain.
(3) Dementia is not just about losing your memory.
(4) It is possible to live well with dementia.
(5) There is more to a person than dementia.


The participants will be invited to register as Dementia Friends at the end of the session.

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