As an Individual
Everyone can become a Dementia Friend

We all have a part to play in making a better place for the people living with dementia. Simply complete on-line registration, watch a 5-minute learning video to know about dementia and you can support people living with dementia. Every act matters in cultivating a dementia-friendly Hong Kong, they can be:-


  • Tell others what dementia is and correct their wrong concept of it
  • Tell your friends about Dementia Friends and invite them to join
  • Pay attention to brain health of your senior relatives, neighbours and friends and raise their awareness to it
  • Offer help to elders around you
  • Share information of Dementia through your social media
  • Continuous care and encouragement to your relatives and friends, whose family members are living with dementia
  • Pin on the badge of Dementia Friends, promote the movement and encourage others to join


You may also come up with your own action!  Every act matters!  Don’t forget to share your dementia-friendly acts.  By putting all these together to bring forth greater influences to our community.  Please act now!

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