What is Dementia Friends?
Dementia Friends
A Global Movement to change people’s perceptions of dementia and to tackle stigma to people living with dementia

Dementia Friends is an initiative of Alzheimer's Society in United Kingdom in 2013, which aims to increase people’s understanding of dementia and help create communities in which people affected by dementia can feel more understood and socially included.  Individuals and corporations/groups are invited to register as Dementia Friends/supporting group to Dementia Friends, learn more about dementia through learning video in our Dementia Friends website.  With the massive influence among individuals and support driven by corporations/groups, a dementia-friendly community can be cultivated by spreading the correct understanding and encouraging actions to care and support those people living with dementia.  There are currently over 1.7 million Dementia Friends registered in UK, countries/cities around the world have already joined this global movement including Hong Kong.


The logo of Dementia Friends, a flower of Forget-me-not with 5 pieces of blue petal and yellow stamen, is originated from the logo of Dementia Friends UK.  As memory loss is one of the most common signs of dementia, the forget-me-not flower reminds the public not to forget people living with dementia, bringing hope and positive influences to them.

Race Against the Clock of Dementia

The clock of dementia ticks faster, from 1 new case in every 4 seconds in 2010 increased to 3 seconds by now.  There are over 40 million people living with dementia around the world in 2015, and it is projected to reach 130 million in 2050. In Hong Kong, while there is 1 elder with dementia for every 10 local elders aged 70 or above and the percentage increased to about 30% for the age group 85 years and above.  As a result, there is probably one in every single family.  However, the actual number of diagnosed cases is much lower than these as the diagnostic rate in Hong Kong is just about 10%, which means the early symptoms of dementia have usually been neglected.  We believe that the misunderstanding of dementia is the main cause of the delayed diagnosis.  As the dementia journey is an irreversible condition, which usually lasts for about 10 years (certain types of dementia may have fast determination), and the help-seeking decisions are usually made by the families, awareness-raising can enable early detection of dementia, grasp the golden period for treatment, and delay cognitive declines.

5 keys messages of Dementia Friends

We cordially invite you to be Dementia Friends, learn more about dementia and turn your understanding into action. All persons of any age, gender and educational background are welcome to join us. Two ways to register: AS AN INDIVIDUAL or AS A GROUP.

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What Do You Know About Dementia?

Dementia is a collective term for progressive brain syndromes. To know more about dementia, please visit About Dementia.

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Let us work together to develop a dementia-friendly Hong Kong

Most people would like to live in their own communities, so do the people living with dementia  The understanding of dementia will help develop a dementia-friendly community where people living with dementia and their families will feel accepted and supported.  Everyone can play a role and work together to develop a dementia-friendly Hong Kong by learning more about dementia, changing other’s perceptions of dementia, removing its negative labelling and taking actions to care and support the people living with dementia and their families.  Through their influences to people around them, getting more people to join the Dementia Friends Hong Kong movement and helping to create a community in which people living with dementia can live safely, happily and feel more socially included.


Every dementia friendly act matters, such as offering help to those who lost their way home, showing concern to family members of people living with dementia, inviting friends to join Dementia Friends Hong Kong, sharing correct knowledge of dementia on the social media platform.  Please also tell us of your dementia friendly acts, so we can post to our website to make greater influences for our community.  Please refer to As An Individual for examples of dementia friendly acts and way of sharing.


You can also visit Dementia-Friendly Environment to learn more about the dementia-friendly environment, to help turning our community a better place for the people living with dementia.